PPG VisualizID

One of the impressive features of Paint Manager XI and LINQ Color is PPG VisualizID™, a 3D color visualization software. This feature lets you view color variations in different settings by shifting the shape orientation and the light source. This 3D rendering tool eliminates the need for costly spray outs used in traditional paint matching.

PPG has been a disrupter when it comes to advancement in technology for the collision repair industry. VisualizID’s 3D Color Visualization software is an innovative tool launched by the PPG Refinish team to address the needs of today’s collision repair industry.

PPG VisualizID Screen


RapidMatch and PPG DigiMatch

  • Advanced 3D rendering, including virtual blend and edge views
  • Manipulate shape orientation and light source
  • Realistic visualization for variants that would require spray out
  • No additional computer hardware required
  • Removes need for physical color tools
  • Access to PPG’s immense color match library
  • Intuitive and easy to use


  • Increase match quality – Using advanced rendering technology, users receive realistic visuals to select the best match every time, reducing dependency on physical color tools
  • Save time – Reduce painting costs and time spent making spray outs to support the decision in choosing the right formula, saving time and increasing productivity
  • Reduce inefficiencies – With less room for human error, reduced repetitions, and the ability to make quicker matches and share them immediately, body shops can easily improve their overall efficiency
  • Boost profitability – Increase body shop profits with time and paint savings

Source: https://ppglinq.com/ppg-linq-visualizid.html

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