PPG Digimatch

When a vehicle repair involves painting, you need to make sure you match that paint perfectly.PPG DigiMatch

PPG DigiMatch™ is a color matching camera (spectrophotometer), that can read the color of a vehicle in under 30 seconds. With 6 imaging and 6 reflectance angles it produces an accurate and efficient color match. The camera is lightweight, uses a 2.8” high resolution touch screen, and offers color download to PPG Paint Manager XI software as well as built in Wi-Fi for quick connection to the LINQ™ cloud-based software.

Auto Body Specialties has two Digimatch cameras at each of its locations to provide the best in color match for your needs.


  • Intuitive 2.8-inch high-resolution touchscreen with large icons for easy navigation
  • Docking station to charge and store spectro safely and dust free, holding the calibration tiles as well
  • Portable, ergonometric and lightweight with the small form allowing users to maneuver into difficult areas on vehicles
  • Multi-angle color spectrophotometer featuring 6 reflectance and 6 imaging angles, providing a magnified image to avoid defects when taking a reading
  • Exclusive shape and coloring with the option to connect via WiFi or USB cable
  • Seamless compatibility with PAINTMANAGER®XI, LINQ™ Color and the perfect companion for PPG VISUALIZID
  • Easy to handle and usable on curved surfaces, allowing users to take readings in all situations
  • Readings can be automated or generated via touchscreen or side buttons

Source: https://www.ppg.com/refinish/en-US/color/color-devices/spectrophotometers/ppg-digimatch

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